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brandi's lj...

...because she's electric?

27 August 1986
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My name is Brandi. I love my family, my friends, and my amazing husband, more than anything in the world (expect God of course). I love to laugh. I like reading, writing, drawing, midnight games at the park, swinging, jumping in rain puddles, watching movies, playing with friends, coloring, ice skating, playing in the snow, and other various assorted things.
anchorman, art, autumn, beaches, beckett, bees, being giddy, being late, birthday candles, books, bookstores, breathing, bubbles, candy, cheese, chinese food, chocolate, clothes, college, coloring, comedians, computers, concerts, dane cook, dares, dashboard confessional, donnie darko, doodling, drawing, dreams, driving fast, dvds, early childhood education, eating, enemies, eragon, espanol, family, family guy, final fantasy, fireworks, first snow, foreign languages, fourth of july, friends, giggling, gir, god, gummi worms, guys, halloween, happy gilmore, harry potter, history, holidays, horror movies, hotpockets, hp, i love lamp, invader zim, jar of dirt, jesus, jewelry, jim gaffigan, jimmy neutron, jk rowling, johnny depp, joking, kevin james, knights who say ni, laughing, libraries, listening to music loud, lists, literature, livejournal, midnight games, money, monty python, movies, music, myself, mythology, neverending story, notebooks, ocean's 11, our skating trio, painting, phillip pullman, piggies, pirates of the caribbean, potc, public transportation, rain, reading, sarcasm, school, shark rockets, showers, siblings, skating, sketching, sleep, sleeping in, sourpatch kids, spanish, sparklies, spiderman, spies, splashing in puddles, sporks, stars, staying up late, stephen colbert, super mario bros, talking, talking to myself, tamora pierce, that way direction, the colbert report, the killers, the office, the postal service, traveling, truthiness, tv, various other things, video games, watercolor, wit, writing, yawning